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Spiritual sadhana (self refinement) is practiced to attain self-awakening. The starting point of any sadhana is self - introspection. Understanding the falsity of our egocentric identity through introspection is the first essential prerequisite on the path of self-realization. It enables the sadhak to pinpoint the ignorance-bred negativities lodged in the depths of our psyche.
The second step is to cleanse our inner being of all the accumulated debris and weeds of ignorance and simultaneously sowing the seeds of self-elevating virtues in the cleansed and fertilized soil of our inner being; and vigilantly nurture these divine attributes of selflessness, humility, altruism, loving kindness, compassion, etc. Mechanically performing religious rituals and mistaking them as spiritual sadhana is a mere self-deception. In order to accomplish siddhi or success, sadhana has been considered a must. It is a proverbial saying that sadhak accomplishes siddhi. Those who work to achieve siddhi but shirk the endeavor of sadhana , have to remain unsuccessful, even though they might accuse some persons, circumstances or stars etc for their failures. In this world, everything is purchased after paying its cost ... Read Complete Article..
Spiritual sadhana (self refinement ) is basis of all movements in  Yug Nirman   Mission . It is actually refining the way of living. This includes doing daily Upasana (absorbing the divine energy), Sadhana (Containing it) and Aradhana (utilizing it for Righteous act).
  • 5 days special higher-level session for awakening of inner energy every month. Shantikunj , Haridwar.
  • 9 days spiritual training course - 1st, 11th and 21st of every month. Shantikunj , Haridwar.
  • Massive number of small and hundreds of grand Yagya s have been organized by AWGP. Yagya is also getting performed door to door on request.
  • Programs related to Revival of original tradition of Sanskar . Each and every steps and sloks during ceremony is explained in scientific manner with its relevance to daily life .
  • Collective  Anushthan  (24000 times Gayatri Mantra in 9 days periods etc..) during Navratri.
  • Akhand Jap - Continuous Meditation or Mantra Chanting for certain hour (12 or 24 hrs) by group.
  • Understanding the knowledge part of rituals and assimilate teaching of scriptures. More than 1000 books are available & many self reading groups (called Pragya group) run by Gayatri Pariwar.
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